I like watching couples who are obviously newly in love. You can almost feel the love radiating off of them. It’s in the way they touch. The way their fingers interlace with a kind of gentleness. It’s in the stolen moments in public when they don’t think anyone can see. Kisses placed on foreheads and shoulders. It’s the way they look at each other like they’re seeing everything in color when they used to see in black and white.
I love seeing them in love.

I’ve been thinking about someone who used to be my best friend. And I’ve missed her more recently than I have in a long time.
Her and I were bffs in high school. We were inseparable. Teachers even got our names mixed up because we were together so much. She was someone I loved so deeply and it hurt so bad when she cut me out of her life. And I don’t know if it was on purpose or if she just didn’t need me anymore, but it broke me. I tried to hard to fix it but everything I seemed to do was wrong and unwanted. So we didn’t speak for most of senior year. Strangely enough, we ended up at the same university for freshmen year. We had mutual friends and spoke to each other on occasion. One of my favorite times was when she gave me a bag of popcorn because she’d brought all the leftovers from work home with her. We talked for a while and I wanted nothing more than to hug her and make things go back to the way they were when we were friends. But that would never be and we both said goodnight after a few nervous laughs.
But I miss her so much lately. I don’t know why, but I do. She was so fun to talk with and bs with. The way she didn’t care and the way she always made you laugh even though she was so broken. It’s taken me a long time to see that she is braver than I’ll ever be just because she’s being herself . She’s beautiful and I miss her.

And if you ever read this and happen to miss me too, know that I’ll be here for you. Always.










please watch this

I’ve seen this maybe 17 times and it still gets me.

this is basically how all musicians are

I am in an orchestra and I can confirm 110% this is how we act

Also applies to choir singers. And solists.


This is so beautiful my eyes are watering


Forget what you thought being a classical musician was and watch this.