The thunder right now is crazy! I’m glad I changed my laptop plug in over to my surge protector. 

My weekend has been quite boring so far. I haven’t spoken to very many people and spent most of my weekend practicing, reading, and watching TV. Very lazy. And I still have a day to go. I’m going to get up and do my laundry in the morning, since I don’t really want to to see people while I do my laundry… I’m just weird, okay? 

But yeah.. Still kinda lonely. Still trying to make friends. Which is so difficult. Sigh.

This audition is gonna freak me out. I’m not ready, which is my own fault, and on top of that, I suck at auditions.
But on the bright side, my first lesson is Wednesday. I’m excited and kinds nervous.

And I’m sorry that this has been yet another rant/personal problem post, but I feel like this is the one place where I can say exactly what I feel without fear of someone telling me I’m wrong. The way I’m feeling wouldn’t be justified by many of my friends back home because they would say I did this to myself. I chose all of this so I have no right to feel scared and frustrated. Which isn’t true. Yes I did choose this, but I’m still allowed to feel the way I do.

I made a friend!!

Today has been great. So much better than yesterday. I had so much intellectual conversation today, and it just makes me so happy. I went to a discussion on the KU common book, “The Center of Everything” by Laura Moriarty. It was super cool to see other people’s perspective on the story and how they understood the characters. 

But the most exciting part of the day was making a new friend! I was eating dinner (or supper. Whatever you perfer.) and the girl at the table over from me decided to make conversation. And I’m so glad she did. We got into a really cool discussion about education and passions and how we don’t understand why people come to college to party. It. Was. Awesome. In a totally nerd kinda way. But she asked if we could swap numbers and have dinner again sometime. She lives in the next dorm over, so I’ll probably be seeing her a bit more frequently. I’m just so happy!! Yay for friends!

Music Major Thoughts

  • wakes up in the morning: I need to practice
  • goes to the store: I should be practicing right now
  • hangs out with friend: Why am I not practicing
  • sitting in class: could be practicing
  • talking to people: actually trying to remember the last time i practiced
  • practicing: i don't want to do this anymore

Well, hey there KU!

I made it! I’m moved in and already causing trouble! haha No, not really. Though I probably seem like I am. I missed my floor meeting for my dorm. I’ll ask my RA what I missed and get caught up. And my mirror just fell off the wall (again) but this time it broke.. Sigh. I swear I’m not going to cause trouble, people! I promise!
My theory placement exam is tomorrow at 1. Yikes. It’s going to be interesting. I’ve just resolved to take piano over again. (Like my pun there? haha) I could use the practice. I hope I place into Theory 3, but I don’t know. I’m kinda worried I won’t but it’s a chance to do things over again. 
I’m just so excited to be here and to get the chance to really dig into my education. I could do a lot of great things here, and I’m excited to see what’s instore. 

Also, I only live an hour away from one of my dear Sewanee friends, so I’m so very happy. =)